Pixel is an interactive light installation activated by human touch.

A single pixel, at a meter square, Pixel is the fundamental visual element of digital representation. It is just like the pixels in your smartphone, laptop, or television—the tiny, formless objects radiating from behind glass, existing forever removed from our bodies and beyond our grasp.

Pixels are our ambassadors to the digital world and represent all that is wrought there through carefully choreographed fluctuations: pulses of current result in changes of color, aggregating to form graphics and, over time, producing the illusion of motion. Ubiquitous yet invisible, they show us everything.

"So much of our culture is built around things that pixels are doing, but the pixel itself is kind of an alien to us. It’s formless, it’s shapeless, we can’t even really see it, but it’s in there and it’s alway behind glass. It’s not part of the body space… so we take that pixel out and make it something big, something you can touch, something that exists in the world of the body. And then you start to think about it a little bit differently. " - Jamie Zigelbaum