Timepiece Explorer


A custom, gestural installation for browsing videos of Cartier's fine watchmaking (2010)

The Timepiece Explorer is a custom, gestural installation for browsing videos of Cartier’s fine watchmaking. Commissioned by Publicis Modem and Cartier, the Timepiece Explorer debuted at Fast Company’s Most Creative People event in New York City.

Composed of a sensing frame and display panel, the Timepiece Explorer enables a fluid interaction with video; an experience mediated by gestures in midair. By moving your hands in the space within the frame, you can select and view videos of Cartier’s most innovative timepieces. The videos flow like a stream of water. Lateral motions let you swim back and forth, pushing through time as if video itself were a physical substance bound by the dynamics of mass, inertia, and friction.


By Zigelbaum + Coelho.

The frame contains a ZeroTouch optical sensor provided by the Interface Ecology Lab at Texas A&M University (ecologylab.net).