Sequence in parallel, 2015

Films are experienced over time. We watch them from start to finish, but that's not how we remember them. They become a collage in memory; our minds replay moments out of sequence. Then, as the details fade, we are left with the impression, some shadow of the film object itself, whatever that may be.

The grid display of Sequence in Parallel shows one complete film at a time, split into twenty, consecutive, equal-length segments. The segments loop simultaneously across the screens, allowing viewers to glimpse the entire film object as a whole.


Physical Size: 32 × 68 × 20 in
Materials: LCD Displays, Raspberry Pis, Software, Cables, Hardware
Edition: Unique

Additional details available upon request:


Sequence in Parallel by Jamie Zigelbaum

Production: Jimmy Tran, Midnight Commercial
Software: Dan Moore

Special thanks to Kelani Nichole and Transfer Gallery